Three Hectares of ZVO in the Land of Kangaroo

We are Svoboda Alliance, a community organisation for antiwar and prodemocratic Russians in Australia. We form several non-for-profit organisations in several states of Australia, and we stand for democratic changes in Russia and fall of terroristic Putin's regime. We find it extremely important to raise awareness in the Australian society and in the other countries as well about this regime, and we believe it's extremely important to stand together against this totalitarian regime, occupation of independent sovereign countries and killing of innocent people.

Our documentary tells about the diplomacy of the “Russian World”; those that lives comfortably here in Australia, the country of kangaroos. What is the “Russian World”? Many of us didn't really notice that the minds of our compatriots, other immigrants from Russia, were covered by the so-called “patriotic fog”. And what is most interesting: the propaganda machine imprinted in the hearts and souls of Russians, not the music of Tchaikovsky or the poetry of Lermontov, but something completely different.

We show you the tip of the iceberg of propaganda networks created under the guidance of the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in Australia.

While we encourage everybody to watch our documentary and see the whole story (with some additional information and photos, and also gags and memes), we provide this transcript for all interested. We hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Fight for the Russian passport

One might think the main task of consular and diplomatic missions across the globe is to help citizens of corresponding countries with the paperwork they need. But in this chapter we will show that they are extremely ineffectively.

An attempt to book an appointment for a new passport or notary services shows the next available date in five to six weeks from the current day or even simply never. The diplomatic missions are opened for appointments only and serve citizens for 3-4 hours per day (except weekends and public holidays). The document processing itself also takes several months to half a year and more (and there is no such a thing as an emergency passport for Russian citizens).

During the pandemics, many Russians in different countries couldn't renew their passports in a year or more. Some of them became effectively paperless people, meaning they cannot obtain new visas and therefore may become illegal in their countries of residence. What should people do if their parents get sick in Russia? If you urgently need to go somewhere? I do not understand.

An article by Novaya Gazeta tells stories of Russians who became paperless people due to the ineffective work of Russian diplomatic missions during lockdowns

Unlike many developed and developing countries, Russia has diplomatic missions only in Canberra and Sydney. A country which describes itself as a superpower and one of the world leaders have two missions nearby of each other on the whole continent!

If one does not live in Sydney or Canberra, one needs to either travel at one’s own expense to the consulate, as documents are accepted only in person. Or one needs to wait several months or a year (or even more!) for a visiting session.

Russia has only two diplomatic missions in Sydney and in Canberra unlike many other countries with comparable sizes of economics

Many discussions in various groups on Facebook tell similar stories of people desperated by waiting times and the level of service. They discuss the total uncertainty with aforementioned visiting sessions, they complain about lazyness of the consular workers and they tell that it took more than 8 months for the passport to arrive after the official issue date. Some comments read: “I didn’t have time to make an appointment. They we were fully booked in minutes.”

Comments in Facebook groups blame the Russian diplomatic missions for their inefficient work

We were provided with photographs of how passports are sent to Russian citizens. They are packed - you won't believe it! - in free plastic bags for packing nuts from Coles supermarkets. Russian passports come in bags saying "may cause allergy" and "scoop and weigh"! These people working in the consulates do not really respect neither Russian nor Russians.

Russian diplomatic missions send passports to Russian citizens packed in free plastic bags from Coles supermarkets saying "may cause allergy" and "scoop and weigh"
At the same time, the Kremlin has enough resources to provide passports for everybody in occupied parts of Georgia and Ukraine

Just imagine, a "superpower" country and a "leading geopolitical player" doesn't have the money for bags to pack passports. Many much smaller countries work 8-10 hours per day to serve their citizens. But it turns out that getting an appointment and receiving your documents from the Russian consulate on time is just Russian roulette and great luck.

Chapter 2 - Lying as a function of Russian diplomatic missions

First of all, let's clarify the difference between an ambassador and a consul.

Their official duties are different and are regulated by two different documents - the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and another Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

Occasionally, the official Russian documents use two different words. The official wording literally reads as “diplomatic relations” and “consular intercourses”, which is a bit embarassing even for native Russian speakers.

So, the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations states that the functions of an ambassador consist in the official representation of their country, participation in negotiations, and strengthening in every way the friendship of people in general plus economic, cultural and scientific ties in particular, as well as to promote friendship between peoples in every possible way.

How does the Russian ambassador comply with this? Literally a month before the onset of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mr Alexey Pavlovsky lashed out at the Australian government and the Australian media, accusing them of igniting "russophobia" and spreading hysteria. He claimed there can be no war between Russia and Ukraine.

In an interview published by the ABC the Russian ambassador downplayed the prospect of war in Ukraine just a month before the full-scale invasion

He lied. He lied vilely. With this lie, he put an end to the trust and the possibility of cooperation between Australia and Russia.

Back in early July, the Russian ambassador gave an interview in which he confirmed that the diplomatic relations between Russia and Australia are at their lowest point in decades.

The Russian ambassador told TASS, that diplomatic relations between Russia and Australia are at their lowest point in decades.

Looks like he failed his main mission, which is to improve these very relations between nations.

He and Russian diplomat around the world are accomplices of Putin’s fascist regime. Until the last day, these bastards argued that there would be no war; and it doomed tens of thousands of people to death. Perhaps millions of people would not have had to leave their homes - many of which have already been destroyed - if just one ambassador had told the truth. But only one Russian diplomat - Boris Bondarev - around the world had the conscience to make a public statement and step down from his post after the invasion began.

The Russian ambassador to Australia has also lost our trust as a representative of the Russian diaspora. We do not want this person to act on our behalf - just as Russia's invasion of Ukraine is carried out on behalf of all Russian people - to continue to lie and spread Putin's propaganda here. We don’t want this person to speak on behalf of all Russians, just as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is carried out on behalf of all Russians.

The functions of consuls are determined by the 1963 Vienna Convention. In addition to promoting the friendship of people and - again - cultural, scientific and other cooperation, it is the consuls who do all the paperwork. They issue passports and visas, as well as provide notarial services.

In order to fully meet the needs of both Australians and Russians, several consuls are enough - or, even more precisely, a section of Russian interests at the embassy of a third country is enough.

After the occupation of South Ossetiya, a part of Georgia, Russia has only a section of interests affiliated with the Swiss Embassy in Georgia.

Chapter 3 - A real estate bubble on three hectares

So, how many Russian diplomats are there in Australia? If you look at the lists on the websites, you will see 5 surnames at the Consulate General and 9 surnames at the Russian Embassy. If these are full lists of employees, just a couple of offices should be enough for them.

But what do we actually see? Let's look at the Consulate General in Sydney and the Embassy in Canberra.

Consulate General in Sydney. A huge eight-story building with a local territory - just for 5 people. This huge building is located in one of the most prestigious, expensive and beautiful areas of Australia - Woollahra. We regularly run picketing of the consulate.

Our picketing of the Russian consulate in 2021 in support of Alexei Navalny. The poster reads "It is shameful to serve Putin".

Now let's take a look at the embassy in Canberra. Judging by the real estate cadaster, it occupies more than a hectare of land in the capital with several buildings located on its territory.

The embassy of Russia in Canberra occupies more than a hectare of land - 10943 m2, according to ACTmapi, an open-access cadaster of real estate in Canberra.

This is how a real Far Eastern hectare should look! Along the perimeter, the territory is surrounded by dense green trees - apparently in order not to see people who came to protest against the crimes of Putin’s regime.

A rally on July 16 to commemorate the victims of MH-17 downing.

Not so long ago, they decided to improve the territory - the media mentioned a project worth more than A$8,000,000, which includes not only a new 5-storey building with 18 apartments, but also a swimming pool. Apparently, so that the ambassador could splash around, resting from his heavy duty lies.

An article published in The Age and in the Canberra Times mentions luxury renovation for this site.

Although, the ambassador has his own hectare for this! The ambassador has a separate residence on a hectare of land with a pleasant spacious mansion. The cost of such a site estimated to be from 5 to 10 million dollars. It would seem enough? But no!

A spacious residence for the Russian ambassador occupies almost a hectare. This snapshot comes from their video.
It is used for official events and gatherings, ice-breaker parties for foreign diplomats and various organisations, including those established by Russian compatriots. Looks like some of the paintings features the landscapes of occupied Crimea

The Russian embassy a decade (or so) ago acquired another piece of land in the centre of Canberra, also more than a hectare in area. It was planned to build an office building on it. Once again - a separate hectare for the residence of diplomats, another hectare for Mr. Ambassador and a third hectare for the office building of the diplomatic mission!

The third hectare of land acquired by the Russian diplomatic mission in Australia.

Can you imagine a multi-storey office building with an area of one hectare? How many dozens of people should work there? Or should there be a park with statues, like around Putin's palace? But, surprisingly, the embassy didn't manage to find a reliable contractor.

As far as we understood from media reports, the company went bust, owing employees about A$1.5 million (or A$2.4 million). A huge wasteland, a protracted construction site, a burned-out developer - does it remind you of anything? A very familiar narrative, isn’t it?

The building company went bust, owing employees about A$1.5 million (or A$2.4 million), according to media reports.

The lack of any activity at the new site was noticed, and on August 17 2022 the Australian government took back the third hectare of land that the Russian embassy had been unable to develop in several years.

On August 17 the Australian government decided to take back the third hectare.

Maybe, at least in other respects, they create an image of exemplary law-abiding citizens of Russia?

If only! According to the media reports, the Russian embassy has collected nearly A$100,000 in unpaid traffic fines, including fines for running a red light and speeding. Russian diplomats constantly endanger lives and health of Australians! Is this the image of Russia and Russians that we want to see? Probably not.

Traffic infridgements, road rages and bulling are usual for Russian diplomats.

In conclusion of this part, I note that Ukraine and Russia remained the only states on the territory of the former USSR that have not signed an agreement on the division of foreign property of the USSR. So Ukraine could claim part of this vast territory!

Chapter 4 - Love Putin better from afar

So we see the diplomatic work has failed, services for Russian citizens are not at the highest level. But then what do Russian diplomats do?

One of their main tasks is to support a part of the Russian diaspora loyal to Putin’s regime. For this, the so-called councils of Russian compatriots (most known as KSORS) have been created, which operate in many countries.

Map of KSORS presented in different countries (marked in blue), accroding to the official data from their website.

All of them are under the patronage of the Russian Foreign Ministry. For them, forums are regularly held in Moscow, attended by Dmitry Medvedev and other high-ranking officials.

One of their conventions in Moscow attended by top level Russian officials.

There are 116 organisations in Australia operating under the wing of the local RARC (branch of KSORS) - we learned this from their report to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Local RARC (branch of KSORS) reported to the Russian Foreign Ministry there are 116 organisations in Australia under their umbrella.

Of course, most of these organizations are soft cultural power, let's call it. Dance groups, art studios and schools. There are about 40 Russian schools and about 40 Russian Orthodox parishes in Australia.

Various organisations promote nothing but culture.

Such cultural interaction cannot do without a political aspect. The embassy and consulate regularly hold competitions for schoolchildren and the winners of these competitions are awarded valuable prizes like free tickets to Artek - a famous summer camp in occupied Crimea.

Russian diplomats supervise various contests, and the winners are awarded with free tickets to Artek, a summer camp in occupied Crimea (photos from 1, 2).

However, one cannot build Russkiy Mir (the Russian world) with means like that. This requires active distributors of propaganda!

And here the descendants of the White emigration come to the rescue. Most of them have never lived in Russia, and many of them perceive Putin's Russia as a Russia that has thrown off the yoke of Bolshevism and returned to the imperial path. The only right path for them.

The White Emigration in the 1910s and 1920s included lots of noble people. Some of them still form "noble houses in exile". They are more than welcomed by Russian conservative and right-wing oligarchs like Malofeev, the owner of Orthodox media outlet Tsargrad and other organisations like the Double-Headed Eagle. Their documents explicitly say they target the White Emigration as their soft power.

Perhaps, this story in Australia strated about 2007. The year of Munich speech of Vladimir Putin, that mark a great turn of the Russia politics.

Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov visited Australia that year. He is better known as Putin's confessor and is known for lots of usefull connections.

Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov makes connections in Australia. Just one handshake from Vladimir Putin...

He noticed a young Australian man of the Transbaikal Cossacks descent. Shortly thereafter, in 2008, Simeon Boikov enrolled for studies at the Sretensky Theological Seminary in Russia. As he says, he was not only recruited there, but a pro-Russian person was made from a young Australian man.

Simeon Boikov, an Australian of the White Emigration descent, went to study in Moscow.
He tells that he became a pro-Russian man. And in the next photo you see Leonid Reshetnikov, a Lieutenant-General of the Russian Intelligence Service, awarding him with a medal. Officially Mr Reshetnikov is retired from service, but then he is the head of Russian imperialistic Double-Headed Eagle society.
In the following piece of correspondence Mr Boikov threatens Russian officials in Russia telling them his activities are coordinated by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs "and other qualified departments".

It was not without financial support: in the beginning of the same year, the local sports club received a grant of A$495,000. How many organizations receive such grants? Especially, from foreign banks?

Suddenly, a local small club - Russian Sports Club - got a grant worth A$495,000. Not a present everybody gets from mother Russia!

The young man became an ardent fan of Putin. Mr Boikov regularly organises actions and rallies in support of Putin's policy - the occupation of Crimea, the military operation in Syria, persuades MH-17 was downed by Ukrainian Forces and many more other narratives.

Mr Boikov supports everything what Putin says
And he displays symbols of so-called "DNR", a terroristic organisation gripping control in the occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine
And also he bullies Ukrainian elderly people in front of Ukrainian church

But how did we find out about $495,000 grant? We learned about it from a newspaper called "Russian Frontier". He published a few dozens of this media outlet with very explicit and offensive content.

Mr Boikov publishes very explicit articles using the Russian f-word and other inacceptable wordings.

Interestingly, the local Cossacks changed the name of the sports club from Russian Sports Club to Baikal Sports Club. Apparently, after the annexation of Crimea, the downed Boeing and all the other violations of fundamental human rights, the very word “Russian” has become, in modern terms, toxic.

Let's take a closer look at the sport club itself, this huge hangar. A sign in front of it offers to rent it for weddings, banquets, exhibitions. We found two photos taken of it. It can be seen that there are no training equipment in it, anything that we expect for a sports club. It turns out that this is not a typical gym, but an exhibition centre.

It turns out that the grant was allocated not even for charity, but for commercial real estate. Very very interesting considering Simeon's pro-Putin political activities.

Our photo of the Baikal Sports Club these days.
The only poor quality two photos of the Baikal Sports Club from their Facebook page show no usual stationery gym equipment.

Simeon's activities are aimed not only at the Australian, but also at the domestic Russian audience. His newspaper was distributed in Russia, and his consulate-supported rallies are regularly covered by TASS and other leading Russian media outlets.

Mr Boikov activities are regularly covered by Russian media outlets to show the world-wide support to Putin.

The church that has not been built

The next interesting topic is the church that has not been built. The Protection of the Theotokos Russian Orthodox Church (церковь Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы) is situated in Blacktown, one of the densely populated suburbs of the Greater Sydney.

Our photos of the Russian Orthodox Church these days.
This photo from the church's website shows only few people come for a service, including the Russian consul-general in Sydney Mr Igor Arzhaev.

It is a stauropegion, meaning it is subordinated directly to the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, and it makes it different from dozens of other Russian Orthodox churches scattered across Australia. This is emphasized even by the Russian tricolor, the flag that became the symbol of war and disaster. However, even after half a year of war they still let it to fly (instead of the White-Blue-White as a more suitable alternative or the Ukrainian flag to show their support if any).

It is a very small church which can accommodate not very many parishioners. The local priests claimed that the existing church was too small. So they flew to Moscow for a new project. A commercial company made an architectural project, worked out all the details, including a detailed rendering of the future structure.

These images from the church's website show the project of the new building.

This fairy tale style design is a real work of art of Russian wooden architecture. The detailed plans with all decorations and ornamental structures. This temple is two-story with a capacity of up to 300 parishioners area more than 200 m2.

The project was approved by the patriarch Kyrill and Russian diplomats in Australia actively participated in the coordination of the project.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in 2019 attended by both Russian diplomats and Australian officials. It would seem that solemn ceremonies are held when they have already found all the money and resources and are ready to move on to the construction itself. But ... that’s it. Nothing was built. There is no sign that construction has even begun.

A local media outlet called Unification published many photos from the official ceremony beack in 2019 when the first stone was laid. They feature the Russian ambassador, local dance clubs, and even bikers.

We find it very strange. It would seem that it is Russian diplomats who should monitor the implementation of such a status and image-building project for Russia. It turns out that all the trips to Moscow, architectural projects, approvals, banquets - were all this money really spent for nothing? Or there was any achieved goal behind?

Chapter 6 - Propaganda in all directions

But if both, the consular and diplomatic work of the embassy, to put it mildly, is not up to par and the reception of citizens is held at limited hours, and no relations are built, one may ask a fair question: what is the diplomatic mission of Russia doing here, that is so important that they need both, a huge high-rise building in Sydney and a massive mansion in Canberra?


These officials and diplomats are not here to provide services or to represent our interests, and certainly not to serve their country and their people. They are here to spread military rhetoric, aggression, false information and to justify the crimes committed by Putin’s regime. And all this despite the fact that the agreements of 1930, which laid the foundation for diplomatic contacts between Australia and the USSR, explicitly forbade diplomatic workers to spread propaganda.

Those interested may refer to "Anglo-Soviet Relations, 1918-1929" by Henderson and Dovgalevsky, "Русская революция в Австралии и «сети шпионажа»" by Artemov and some other publications.

Some historic documents explicitly mention a ban on propaganda for the Soviet (so that Russian as the descent state) diplomatic missions in the U.K. and Australia - a copy from Australia and the World 1930-1936: Documents on Australian Foreign Policy.

The official website of the Embassy lists some amazing materials, for example, “7 Wonders of the Crimean Spring”, materials of the so-called Foundation for the Study of Democracy - “Ukrainian War Crimes”, the Russian version of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17 crash dated November 2019 (well, apparently, since then Russia has nothing to say on this “situation”, and even a big rally in Canberra on July 16 near the Russian embassy did not prompt any update of this position). Here is Lavrov's article "Staged incidents as the Western approach to doing politics" and the ambassador’s congratulations on the National Day of Russia.

Propaganda materials on the Russian Embassy website.

Let's take a closer look at some of these materials. Here is a report on Ukrainian war crimes. We open it and what do we see? Some photographs of people and brief descriptions of how Ukrainians kill their civilians, attack hospitals and civilian buildings, and rob local people. Doesn't it remind you of anything? After all, this is what the Russians are accused of, and unlike this report, there is already a huge amount of evidence of Russian war crimes. But it doesn't matter, because one of the methods of propaganda is “mirroring”, that is, accusing the opponent of exactly what the opponent accuses you of.

The name of the foundation that published a yet another report is also symbolic - the Foundation for the Study of Democracy Problems. In Russia there is no democracy and no problems: among the recent publications of this organisation, we did not find anything about the problems of democracy in Russia, but a lot about the war crimes of Ukrainian nationalists and about the honesty and transparency of elections in Russia.

Let’s move on. Here is Lavrov's article "Staged incidents as the Western approach to doing politics". It says, Bucha, Mariupol, Kremenchug and Kramatorsk these are all staged. Even now, after the release of numerous pieces of evidence, the embassy has not decided to remove this article from their website.

The ambassador’s congratulations on the occasion of the National Day of Russia, in which, of course, he is trying to convince us how the whole world hates us Russians, but “the truth is that Russia made a pre-emptive strike to defend its security. It was forced and incredibly difficult, but timely and the only right decision. The decision of a sovereign, strong, independent country”. Further, the ambassador writes: “I salute compatriots who understand this truth with their minds and feel with their hearts. I am grateful to those who did not succumb to psychological bullying, did not rush to renounce and repent, who are ready to express and defend their position.” To compatriots who do not agree with this position, the Ambassador does not express any gratitude, strange ...

There are many more interesting and surprising things on the website. For example, in the section “Fighting against terrorism" there is a document called "On the question of possible chemical provocations in Ukraine." Check it out, you will like it.

But my personal favourite is a link to the material called ‘Russian Federation. Candidate 2021 – 2023. UN Human Rights Council’. With shaky hands, I click on the link and what do I see? - "Error". Indeed, human rights and Russia are one big “error”.

I must say that the materials from the website, as well as various propaganda statements by the Foreign Ministry, are duplicated and quoted on the embassy's Facebook page – which is by the way, an “extremist social network” according to the Russian law. All these materials are in English, which means they are designed not only for the Russian-speaking audience, but also for Australians.

I would like to separately note the hard work of Russian diplomats around the world, who prepared the report “On violations of the rights of Russian citizens and compatriots in foreign countries” (О нарушениях прав российских граждан и соотечественников в зарубежных странах), or, simply speaking, about the popular phrase with Russian propaganda; “russophobia”. Here is the report on your screens. It is a collection of essays by Russian embassies in unfriendly countries, on 170 pages. It lists the media and organizations of the Ukrainian and Russian diasporas that actively oppose the war, including our Svoboda Alliance. Which means diplomats actively collect data on opponents of the war and the regime.

All these materials are widely used by Putin's propaganda outlets like RIA Novosti and many others. One can simply look for the word "русофобия" ("Russophobia") on corresponging websites to see dozens of articles popping up.

Google find 14 800 (Fourteen thousand eight hundred) materials with the word "Russophobia" on the major Russian propaganda media outlet, RIA Novosti. August 30, 2022.

Thus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their local representatives not only brainwash the Russian-speaking diasporas, but also create content for domestic Russian propaganda. So, now the question is: do we need Russian propaganda here in Australia?

After all, we left Russia to remove it from our lives. For many years we have looked at what Russian television is showing. And we wondered - who is it for?, who can believe in it? It turns out, a lot of people do. All this time the propaganda worked. It works here in Australia too.

And we don't want Russia to recruit Putinverstehers here and threaten the national security of Australia and other countries. We want to live in a free country, and bloodthirsty rhetoric that goes against all democratic principles has no place here.

Chapter 7 - "Cossacks" with neo-nazis

We begin with very interesting person, with Australian Cossack with Simeion Boikov. Simeon was born in family of Russian Harbin emigrants here in Sydney in 1990. Simeon doesn’t have Russian citizenship and apparently, he is not going to get it.

For the question: Tell us, what do you reckon about getting Russian citizenship – Simeon’s answer was “This is the main problem for all of us. We would like to get Russian passports, but we can’t. The embassy offers us to be a part of “The compatriots relocation program” but we don’t need to be relocated. We are living in Australia, and we want to protect our motherland, our Russia from here.” - recorded EurAsia Daily. In another interview for, he told that the Australian Cossacks do not want to move to Russia as they have businesses, property, sources of income in Australia.

Numerous videos available online (please, watch our full movie for it) show Simeon's rude talks with local journalists and even with the police.

As the cherry on the cake, Mr Boikov slammed the then Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morisson as a 'complete fool' who is provoking Russia to have a war with Australia but didn’t forget to stress that he supports Russia from inside of the enemy state at the same time (yep, he calls Australia an enemy state and doesn't want to leave the country).

Could you pay attention to this photo, please? You can see here how Simeon Boikov is establishing a relationship with an organization called “Golden Dawn” which has been banned by Athena’s court as neo-Nazis organisation. Personally, I can’t understand how Simeon makes a friendship with Neonazis when he is screaming about “liberation of Ukraine from Nazis” at the same time.

Of course, he (and pro-Putin Russian organisations like SRSA) also make good friends with Serbian nationalists here in Australia, as well as other right and far-right people.

Mr Boikov is welcomed by the members of the “Golden Dawn”, a neo-Nazi organisation banned by Athena’s court.

Like many other Putin's agents around the globe, he is also a leader of local anti-vax movement, refuses to perform oral swabs as they collect people's DNA, which he also uses to promote his pro-Putin narratives.

Mr Boikov tried to participate in a parliamental run to push the “Russian World” ideas as an MP (Member of Parliament) for the “glory” of all Russians. However, he was dropped from the run

Mr Boikov's unsuccessful run in early 2022 for the Parliament as an independent candidate.

But Mr Boikov is a very well-known person, a celebrity, and even the Russian Foreign Minister press officer Maria Zakharova and other top officials are concerned about him (please, watch our full movie for it).

The Russian Foreign Minister press officer Maria Zakharova is concerned by the fate of Mr Boikov, an Australian citizen.

What if we dig a little bit deeper and try to find somebody not so well-known but even more interesting? How about “Putin’s Angels”?

We all know that in his childhood Putin didn’t have enough motorbike rides, but in the current time, when he has a whole country as his personal belongings, he is scratching his child psychological complex with love and publicity. “Night wolfs” Putin’s favourite bike club, has the nickname “Angels of Putin”. And you can’t believe it but his “angels” are finally here, in Sydney and even manage to be real TV show stars.

Putin makes good friends with Russian Night Wolfes, a biker club, and even present them official awards and medals - GordonUA, Vedomosti.

The Australian branch was established in 2015. According to the words of the club members this organisation has 40-50 members in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia.

Here we would like to refer the reader to a brilliant investigation by ABC Four Corners (text and video), which talks about Putin's agents of influence here in Austalia. We show some parts of it in our full movie.

But what are the connections between those thugs and Russian diplomats?

Chapter 8 - Dancing on the bones

In this chapter we refer to another video filmed during "The Victory Day" celebrations by the Russian diplomatic staff (including the ambassador, the consul-general, and other consuls), bikers, Mr Boikov and many others from SRSA (the pro-Putin Russian organisation). They hired a luxury boat and spent an evening in Sydney harbour enjoying food and drinks.

This video has disappeared, but we show some parts of it in our full movie.

Here we can see Simeon Boikov who commands strong guys wearing black hoodies with emblems of the Russian bike club “Night wolfs”. Here they play bouncers and are at someone’s beck and call.

Mr Boikov and bikers right in front of the luxury boat for the Victory day celebration.

Simeon filmed the video “Australian cossacks”, bikies and Russian diplomats celebrate “The Victory Day” (9th of May 2022) on a double deck boat in Darling Harbour. I wonder, who paid for this party?

A short search of the costs of renting the same class of boat ("Blue Room") estimates the sum at $1500 per hour minimum. Plus, food and drinks. Plus, catering. Looks like Russian diplomats don’t count money when they spend it for themselves.

Sydney Harbour Exclusive offers luxury boats for hire, like the one used by Russian diplomats, cossacks, and bikers.

Now we are turning to the the most difficult moment in this video for many of us. Our team, Svoboda Alliance, feel ashamed and angry. What we see here now is dancing on bones, literally.

Dozens if not hundreds of people are dying under Russian bombs in Ukraine right at the moment when all of these people are singing “This is the Victory Day”.

SRSA, diplomats, Cossacks, bikers are dancing on bones while thousands of Ukrainians are dying in Ukraine under Russian bombs.

Chapter 9 - Monarchist from nowhere

We still have something interesting to show!

What about Valery Malinovsky - a young and prominent businessman - headed an Australian local branch of the “Double-headed eagle” society? He was assigned on this position by the general-lieutenant Leonid Petrovich Reshetnikov.

Wikipedia says: Leonid Petrovich Reshetnikov was born in 1947 in Potsdam in Soviet occupation zone in Germany. He is a deputy of the Russian historical educational society named the “Double-headed eagle” (from Nov 2017 to Dec 2020). A two-star general (Lieutenant-General) of Russian Intelligence Service and a former director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies. At his retirement (ha-ha). Was recently banned from entry to Bulgaria for organised espionage.

The Cossack society website says, Valery Malinovsky was appointed to Australia by Lieutenant-General of Russian Intelligence Service. At the current moment Valery Malinovsky has managed to collect around himself the local branch delegates of Russian diaspora (priests, Cossacks, authors and scientists).

Here it is very important to mention that some time ago Putin started to compare himself with Russian tsars and tries to fit the crown on his head. And, if there is demand (especially from Putin!), there will be supply.

Putin's palace as revealed by Alexei Navalny team's investigation is a replica of royal palaces of the past.

So, in recent times monarch clubs have started to appear quickly. The same as the “Double headed eagle” society which been established by the Intelligence Service (not really for the service, but for the pleasure of the Sugar Daddy).

The Australian branch of Double-headed Eagle writes "We are for the peace [a play of words, "peace" and "world" are the same world in Russian, "mir" ("мир")]" - "Russian Frontier", N31.

So, that organisation finally rolled out in Australia and on 1st of June 2020, on Simeon Boikov’s site there was the message about Valery Malinovsky and his branch.

Of course, we were interested in the question of who this unknown but “very prominent young local businessman” was, who managed to head, collect and re-inforce everything? Who swiftly managed to establish a friendship not only with our Ataman Boikov but with Mr. consul and Mr. ambassador, and that is where the mystery begun.

Mr Malinovsky quickly became friends with consul-general Mr Arzhaev and Mr Boikov and became a head of a "historic" society.

Suddenly it occurred to us that Mr Malinovsky didn’t have a childhood! No teenagerhood also. He appears in public only as the head of the “Double Headed Eagle” society. “The young and prominent businessman” doesn’t have LinkedIn, his Facebook page shows only limited information about his “Two headed eagle” activities, he doesn’t have Instagram and Twitter.

He is literally present nowhere. No friends and business colleagues or partners, no school or Uni. It takes a while to find very few photos with relatives like his mum mum who he loves, he has a sister who lives in Hungary. Valery Malinovsky loves yachts and the ocean (and by the way, these two photos with the yachts and his mum are the only “human” photos we managed to find). His groupmates from his alma mater liked his human photos.

It might be a personal choice, but wouldn't you expect a "prominent young businessman" to have much more information available publicly? Isn't it extremely strange that Mr. Malinovsky has several photos only on some dodgy site and nothing else? No single word about all his activities?

And we started lloking for his businesses. And we found the businesses of this “local young prominent businessman”. Мany businesses. Some of them are still open and have their status listed as operational, some are already deregistered according to the data from ASIC. Strange enough as you can already think, that these businesses don’t have any traceable footprints of any business activity though. At least, I couldn’t manage to find anything.

An excerpt for state register ASIC lists SEVEN pages of businesses written in the name of Mr Malinovsky.
And there are at least some businesses not in his name, but where he works as well.

These companies don’t have web sites. They didn’t have advertising. We don’t know about their staff or customers. They were registered at address of some unit in a Sydney townhouse which has seen its best times a while ago and the residents of that townhouse claim to never have heard about Valery Malinovsky.

“Hold on! Who is the Mr Valery Malinovsky after all?” – you ask me again... Well, the short answer is “we don’t know”. The two-star general of the intelligence service is concerned about him. He had a friendship with Russian consul and ambassador, he substituted Simeon Boikov from his leadership positions in the “Double headed eagle” organisation and newspaper “Russian frontier” at least formally, we don’t know anything about him and his businesses.

Mr Malinovsky with top Russian diplomats, Australian Cossacks and even the city of Sydney officials.

All these facts are screaming to us “He is a spy!”, but if so, we have in this case a bad Bondiniana movie here. A person wears suits, has interviews in front of the Opera House. If he was a real spy, he must not approach to any Russians closer than a couple of miles surely.

Well, we have some hypothesis, but it could be offensive for Valery Malinovsky. Valery if you read this text and I’m wrong – our apologies. We think that Valery is a son or some close relative of some powerful Russian authority who managed to send Valery to a warm, rich, well-developed country. Valery needs to live in this country somehow. So, that is why he plays his spy role but his acting was not very great despite the help he has got from everyone (from cossacks to the Russian ambassador).

Mr Malinovsky appeared on Australian Sky on September 2019 and then disappeared in November 2020. Like a comet. Sparkling, bright, spending money, but I hope pointless. At least Mr Malinovsky hadn’t achieved all his official goals as a head of the “Double headed eagle”. So, what do we have at the end?

At the end we have Russian diplomats who play spying games, who have friendships with local thugs, who try to spread ideas of the “Russian World” where and when they can.

Now, what do you reckon the Australian government knows about all these facts that I’ve told you about? Personally, I think that we found less than one tenth of what the local authorities know about Russian diplomats.

Now, can you imagine what kind of reputation Russian diplomats have and all of us, Russians through these diplomats? Please, think, do we deserve this reputation? Think, do we deserve these diplomats which created this reputation for us and support it day by day? Think about it! Thank you.


Let's sum up. As we all see very well, the diplomatic work of the Russian embassy in Australia has failed. Even the ambassadors themselves have to admit it. This is because Putin's government is not interested in the convenience of its citizens or building international relations.

They are only interested in controlling Russian citizens, including those who live outside of Russia.

We do not see any reason, any possibility of a positive result of the work of these people who destroyed the trust between Australia and Russia. We, as citizens of Russia, must do everything to turn the tide of this criminal war, and not to allow war crimes to be committed in our name, as well as their justification.

We demand the expulsion of the ambassador and part of the Russian diplomatic corps due to the fact that we believe that they are spreading propaganda of the concept of the Russian World, which is destructive not only for us Russians, but for the World as a whole; and they are actively undermining relations between Russia and Australia.

Those who consider Australia an enemy, and those who have themselves admitted that relations between our two countries have reached their lowest point in the last decade, and those who, accordingly, do a bad job, do not belong here.

We strongly say "No to War", and we refuse to let these people Putin's servants - represent Russia, all of us and our interests. Dear friends. We would like to emphasize that when we talk about the potential expulsion of the ambassador and diplomatic corps of the Russian Federation from Australia, we are not talking about ordinary Russian citizens. We are these same ordinary Russian citizens. We say this first and foremost so that our voice against the war in Ukraine will be perceived at a higher level, both here in Australia and in Russia. We are doing this for Russia, for all the people, for all of us, and for those Russians who, unfortunately, while in Russia, cannot speak, are afraid to speak. We do not want and will not allow lies and military propaganda to be spread on our behalf. And we no longer want Putin's... Putin's servants to represent us here, so that they continue to pretend to be officials and diplomats who serve the interests of the people. We stand for cooperation and humanism.

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