Petition – Condemn voting rights violations in the 2021 Russian Parliament elections

Standing Committee for Petitions of the House of Representatives of Australia has approved a petition lodged by Svoboda Alliance AU&NZ following the 2021 Russian Parliamentary elections:

The aim of the petition is to draw the attention of the Australian politicians to the widespread voting rights violations and falsification of the results in the 2021 Russian Parliamentary elections.

Our petition will undergo the following process:

– Signature collection will continue until 17 November 2021;
– Then the petition will be officially presented to the House of Representatives;
– It will then be referred to a minister for a response (presumably Marise Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs);
– The response will be reviewed by the Standing Committee for Petitions;
– The response will be officially presented to the House of Representatives.

This process guarantees that the issue of voting rights violations in Russia will get the attention of the members of Parliament and an official response by the relevant minister will be published.

By petitioning the Parliament of Australia, Svoboda Alliance AU&NZ will also draw the attention of local politicians and the general public to the fact that the Russian-speaking community in Australia has many progressive, pro-democracy members who share the Australian values of political freedom, fairness and access to voting rights.

We invite all Australian residents (including those without permanent visas) and citizens sympathetic to the Russian people’s struggle for political freedom and voting rights to add their signature to the petition: