Three Hectares of ZVO in the Land of Kangaroo

A new video from Svoboda Alliance calls to expel the Russian diplomats from Australia.

Document Extract of the video -> Three Hectares of ZVO in the Land of Kangaroo

From our video, you will learn:

  • Russian passports are sold by weight and might cause allergy
  • Russian diplomats have “relations”, and Russian consuls have “intercourses”
  • Numerous agents with close ties to the Russian intelligence service spread their lies and propaganda across the community
  • These diplomats and agents promote the narrative of Russkiy Mir (“Russian World”), a fascist ideology of Putin’s regime
  • Their lies doom thousands of people to death and millions of people to be displaced
  • And about …. surely … extremely “ineffective” financial dealings: a church that was never built, a sports club that suddenly gets half a million of dollars, a new embassy building project that left the workers  without $1,500,000 of wages.

Hope you will find this film useful and entertaining. Video has English subtitles in case you need to switch it on.