Belarusian athlete is being kidnapped by the KGB agents

Aug 3 Update

The story has made headlines globally. Australian sporting industry is following it closely as well, including the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists – see their statement here –

TOKYO, Aug 2 (Reuters) – Kristina Timanovskaya, A Belarusian sprinter refused to get on a flight from Tokyo on Sunday after being taken to the airport against her wishes by her team following her complaints about national coaching staff at the Olympic Games.

Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, 24, was still at Tokyo’s Haneda airport in the early hours of Monday.
The International Olympic Committee said it had spoken to Tsimanouskaya and that she was being accompanied by a Tokyo 2020 staff member at the airport.

“She has told us she feels safe,” the IOC said in a Twitter post.

Kristina is now under police protection in Tokyo.

Svoboda alliance SA strongly condemns actions of Belarus Government Olympic Committee and supports Kristina Timanovskaya and Global Belarus Diaspora which have mobilised within an hour to foil the kidnapping.

Kristina Timanovskaya. Photo: Instagram / kristi_timanovskaya