Missing Belarusian Activist Is Found Dead in Park in Ukraine

Belarusian dramas are escalating by the day.  one of the leaders of Belarusian Diaspora in Kiev went missing yesterday and has now been found dead, a few hours ago. Imitation suicide by hanging off the tree is a trademark Bel-KGB style, dozens executed like that in the last year alone, hundreds since 1990s. This one is not the first on a foreign soil (e.g. Pavel Sheremet), but a clear sign of renewed escalation of atrocities. Suspicions abound that these operations are no longer controlled from Minsk.

Vitaly Shishov, leader of the Kyiv-based Belarusian House in Ukraine, was found hanged in a Kyiv park on Aug. 3, 2021. (Undated photo/Belarusian Human Rights Center Viasna/AP)